Eligibility for Riding the Bus

Transportation Eligibility Rules

Kids on BusIs your child eligible for transportation? Eligibility for transportation in the Klein Independent School District is determined by the student's home address. Students will be provided with bus transportation by the Klein Independent School District if they individually meet the state's guidelines for eligibility.

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Basic Eligibility Requirements Include:

a. A student must legally reside two or more miles from his/her assigned campus as measured along the shortest route. 
"Klein ISD follows the recommendation of the Texas Education Agency for distance measurements as outlined in the School Transportation Allotment Handbook. Specifically, KISD measures the shortest route that can be traveled on public roads from the driveway or nearest property line of the student's legal residence and the nearest entrance of the campus." 
b. A student legally resides less than two miles from his/her assigned campus; and the only route to and from school via a street or road requires the student to walk along or cross a major thoroughfare.

For purposes of eligibility, a major thoroughfare is a heavily traveled mainly nonresidential area road, with traffic essentially controlled by traffic lights, and generally four lanes in width. A determination may be made by the school administration that a segment of road satisfies this definition.

The preceding is subject to availability of buses and bus capacity requirements as determined by the Texas Education Agency. For additional information on State guidelines for student rider eligibility requirements, please click on the link below.

State Guidelines for Student Rider Eligibility


Protect Your Riding Privilege -
Know and Follow the School Bus Safety Rules

1. Follow all directions the first time they are given by the driver.
2. Observe the same conduct as in the classroom.
3. Be courteous, use no profane language. 
4. Do not eat or drink on the bus. 
5. Keep the bus clean. 
6. Do not use tobacco. 
7. Do not be destructive. 
8. Stay in your seat. 
9. Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus. 
10. Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.
11. Only musical instruments which can be held in the student's lap will be allowed on the bus

This is a partial list of guidelines; however, there are additional rules which can be found in your child’s student handbook. To view the Transportation Section of the Student Handbook and your child's Student Handbook, click on the Student Handbook subpage.

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