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Elementary Zoning Preferred Option

(presented to the Board of Trustees at December 9, 2019 Board Meeting)

Historical Information

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Klein ISD prepares for zoning changes due to student growth

Klein ISD is continuing to plan the opening of Elementary 33, soon to be named, which will open in Fall 2020.  This elementary is funded by the 2015 Bond, which was approved by 76% of the voters in Klein.

Klein ISD realigns attendance boundaries whenever a new campus opens. The district is forming a committee that consists of parents, community members, teachers and principals to help the district determine new campus boundaries.  The committee will meet both during the day and at night to accommodate all those who want to serve.

The meetings will be held on Wednesday, October 30 at 1 and 6 pm and November 4 at 1 and 6 pm, at the Central Office Board Room at 7200 Spring Cypress Road, Klein, Tx 77379.  Anyone is welcome to attend and participate.

This graph below demonstrates the continued student growth in Klein ISD.  The district has enrolled 2,000 students since the first day of school alone, with over 54,100 students now enrolled in Klein schools.

The process for creating new attendance zones is data driven. The district uses new house count data and compares that to this year’s enrollment data for each campus. Campus growth projections are then computed for each subdivision by grade based on the number of lots yet to be developed, trend growth data, and home size. The district then uses this data to develop multiple scenarios for committee consideration. The committee carefully reviews each scenario and has in-depth discussions. The committee typically has additional ideas for scenarios that are then created and studied at subsequent meetings.

Information will be available online as the zoning planning continues.  If you need further information, please call or email: 832-249-4520 / rrobertson1@kleinisd.net


Current School Year Attendance Zone Information
Zoning Committees
The district welcomes community input when planning new zones and wants the community to be informed every step of the way. In the fall prior to the year a new campus opens, a committee of parents, community members, teachers, principals, central office and administrative staff is formed and meets on multiple occasions. These meetings are always open to the public.
Creating New Attendance Zones
The process for creating new attendance zones is driven by data related to new home construction, campus growth, and other trends. We then use this data to develop multiple scenarios for committee consideration. The committee typically has additional ideas for scenarios that are then created and studied at subsequent meetings.

Factors considered in zoning include but are not limited to the following:

  • Location of natural boundaries such as streams
  • Location and proximity of major thoroughfares
  • Capacity of individual campuses
  • Projected enrollment at individual campuses
  • Location of future schools
  • Location of other boundaries such as railroad crossings
  • Transportation concerns related to busing or students who walk
  • Number of times that an individual student has been rezoned in the past or could be rezoned in the future
  • Creation of pure feeder patterns
Online Comments and Zoning Forum
At the December Board meeting, district administration presents a report on the zoning process and shows the draft proposal to the Board of Trustees. The draft zoning proposal is then posted online for public review and comment. All emails regarding zoning sent during December and January will be reviewed by district administration and the Board of Trustees.
Board Approval
After reviewing the online dialogue, all community input is reviewed and administration may revise the draft proposal as best fits district needs. This final preferred zoning plan is then recommended for approval at the February Board meeting.
Other Zoning Scenarios
Occasionally there is a need to rezone during a year when there is not a campus opening. This could occur when one or more campuses are overcapacity and others nearby are under capacity. The zoning process would be similar to when a new campus opens. High school rezoning follows the same process but may occur on a different timeline to give families more advanced notice due to University Interscholastic League (UIL) regulations, extracurricular activities and other matters involved.
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