School Board Member's Creed

The Klein ISD Board of Trustees Creed

I am a citizen elected to represent the people of the entire school district, not just a specific group of people, or those living in a certain subdivision or area. I realize that my authority as a member of the Board of Trustees only exists during a legally announced meeting and that at all other times I am a private citizen.

I do not need to know all of the facets of the educational process or of general school administration. I am not expected to do this work, but I am responsible for seeing that the work is done. My work as a member of the Board of Trustees consists of assisting in choosing a competent superintendent to guide the district, deciding within the provisions of the applicable laws what is to be done, setting educational priorities, and appraising the work to see that it is done competently and economically. The administration of the educational program and the conduct of school business shall be left to the superintendent of schools and his staff.

As a member of the Board of Trustees, I deal directly with the superintendent or through the Board president and do not attempt to handle school business matters with other district employees. I listen impartially to all persons who come to me with questions, problems, and/or comments on the capabilities or personalities of school employees, and direct them to the appropriate employees of the school district and apprise them of the administrative procedure for all grievances.

I must make my own decisions. I will not join any faction or group on the Board of Trustees. Each time I cast my vote it will be because of my feelings on the individual issue, not because of anyone else's position or voting alignment. I abide by majority decisions of the Board and I publicly support these decisions even though I may have voted with the minority. I do not seek special privileges for myself, my relatives or my friends. I desire that the people of the community shall have an education that is as complete and adequate as it is possible to provide. I must never neglect my personal obligation to the community and my legal obligation to the State, nor surrender these responsibilities to any other person, group, or organization. With dignity and honor, I want to serve the school district; with humility and to the best of my ability, I shall discharge my great public trust.

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